December 2008 archive

BFD (Brute Force) rule for Asterisk

I whipped up a BFD rule to try and defend against sip attacks.  This watches for failed logins in the /var/log/asterisk/full log and then blocks them.  I set the TRIG level low so you might need to change this to something you are more comfortable with.     Drop this file in /usr/local/bfd/rules/ Name the file …

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Rebuild Zaptel Script

So you want to recompile zaptel on trixbox.  I have put together a script that might help.  I have used this on a few custom installs and it seems to work.  However, don’t kill me if it screws something up.  You will need to start zaptel and amportal once the script finishes.  I don’t do …

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Securing trixbox CE

I have created a small guide to help users secure their trixbox CE installs.  This guide is in PDF format and should be readable on just about any system.  This is by no means a definitive guide, but should be used as s way to help users. securing_trixbox_ce_ver1

mod_auth_mysql trixbox

You want to password protect the user/maint on your trixbox server? Give this a shot!!