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iPod remote that just works

While riding my motorcycles I love to listen to music. I had been looking for a remote that was useable with a glove and could be mounted to the handlebars. Enter scosche and their awesome products. I purchased this remote at a local automotive stereo store. Within 5 minutes I had it out of the plastic and hooked up to my iPod touch. With the remote mounted to the bars on my 2009 Ninja 650R I was away and rocking. I was easily able to change songs, volume, and pause the music. Now when I am riding with my friends and need to chat with them at a stop light, it is a matter of pausing the music until we are riding again.

The mount for the remote comes with a velcro strap that worked nicely, but I wanted something more secure so I used zip ties to mount it to the bars of my main trip bike. The remote comes out of the carrier and I can slide it into the id badge holder on my Fieldsheer no base vest and still use the controls.

Scossche iPod Remote

I now see that has a wrist mounted remote that looks perfect for motorcyclists.

If you want a remote that works, and works upto 100 feet away, look no further. It should also be noted that the battery in the remote is replaceable and takes watch style batteries.