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Top Gear USA WTF?

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My family and I have been a long standing Top Gear UK fan since day 1. My wife and two daughters (7 and 17) watch it religiously. We were quite excited to try the USA version of the show. What a drag and complete waste of time that was. Let me explain.

The UK version stars Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and “The Stig”. It mixes humor and cars that everyone would and can enjoy.

The US version stars Tanner Foust, Adam Ferrara (John Boy Walton), Rutledge Wood (Steve Wozniak) and “The Stig”. It mixes just about nothing entertaining and cars that no one is ever going to enjoy.

Watching the first episode was about as entertaining as a Jeremy Clarkson cooking show. Actually, I have seen Jeremy cook on TV and that was more entertaining!! The USA version of Top Gear misses everything that makes the UK version awesome. The in your face attitude of the Brits is sorely missed in the US version.

The cast of the US version…. who in the heck did the casting? Tanner is by far the best host, but he has had quite a few years behind the camera. But the other two d’bags, Adam Ferrara (John Boy Walton), Rutledge Wood (Steve Wozniak), are a waste of air space!! I don’t think they even know how to drive a car, let alone host a car show. Get rid of John Boy and The Woz and replace them with someone with a more in your face nature. I say get Paul Tracy, with his take no prisoners attitude, he would be a perfect fit and host. He already has a history with Tanner and we all know he is already “The Stig”. Just make Paul pull double duty. This show was written for my third host, Jay Leno. If NBC could ever get someone to replace him. If not Jay Leno then get anyone, and I mean anyone, with a spec of talent. How about Steve Buscemi, he is better looking then John-boy and The Woz and has a hell of a lot more talent. He would be a perfect 3rd host.

I think there is a good future for Top Gear USA, if they can get the kinks worked out. However in its present form, it is about as entertaining as a crushed testicle!!